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12 Tap Kegerator

The 12 tap kegerator is back and better than ever before! This new model has a new draftbeer process that flows the beer more evenly, making your beerdraft look and feel more body. The faucet cap and the bar cap also offer a great fit. The faucet is an ideal place to store your fingers, while the bar cap is perfect for serving with a drink. The bar cap also comes with a control to adjust thedraft.

Top 10 12 Tap Kegerator

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Cheap 12 Tap Kegerator

The 12 qt round insulated beer jockey box with 88 stainless steel cooling coil is the perfect solution for those who love to drink their beerurityly. This box has two coils as well as a lot of other features that make it a great choice for brewing businesses. this 12 tap kegerator beer dispenser is perfect for your business! You can enjoy your beer while you work or make pot luck thoughts for the guests. This kegerator also has a black finish and is perfect for any room or space. this is a 12 bore kegerator tap that is designed to handle drafts well. It has a 14-point security system and a small, sleek design. This tap is perfect for busy bars that need to bring their own drafts to drink in. this is a great kegerator for those that want to reduce energy consumption or want to increase the efficiency of their beer keg. The kegerator comes with a 12 tap water dispenser and a kegerator style handle. The micro machine reads 12 microoggs and provides up to 18% real time temperature control. The system has a noise level of 30 dba and contains no aftermarket parts. This kegerator is designed to work with beer brands such as abita, avanti, and new search.