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Dual Kegerator

The dual kegerator is a great addition to any beer dispensing device. This one is perfect for peak beer lovers or beer lovers in the mood for a few cans at a time. With a large 21 watt light show it's easy to see what time of the day it's on, and it's easily detectable by pests.

Kegco 2 Tap Kegerator

Kegco 2 tap kegerator is perfect for those who are looking for a stylish and efficient way to drink beer. It comes with a great features that make it a popular choice for beer lovers. the first thing that would make this kegerator more distinguishable is the fact that it has a black finish and is packed with features. It can hold up to 24 ounces of beer and has a water and yeast indicator. when it comes to the water, it is a clear, clear water that makes the kegerator easy to drink. The beer smells great and is easily drinkable with a slightly sweet taste. the one downside to this kegerator is that it is not very efficient and takes about 4-6 ounces to drink a beer. so, if you are looking for a kegerator that is easy to drink beer and comes with a great features, then the kegco 2 tap kegerator is perfect for you.

Kegco Dual Tap Kegerator

Thiskegco dual gauge regulator pressure relief valve beer kegerator homebrew welding is just what you need for a deliciousbrewing experience! This kegco dual gauge regulator pressure relief valve can be placed in any homebrew to provide pressure to your beer kegerator and make it work better. The kegco dual gauge regulator pressure relief valve is made of durable materials and comes with a lot of fun welding andlevering. the dual tap kegerator is perfect for full-sized kegs as it has a small, compact design and an easy-to-use intuitive interface. The kegerator can operate up to 20 gallons per minute, which is excellent for keeping your beer brewing process moving! this great deal is a must for any dual tap kegerator fan! It owns the beer meister brand, and is located in near 01775 zipcode. This great kegerator is perfect for those who love beer, and this near 01775 zipcode offer of course makes it even better. Not only does it have a great brand, but it is also located in near 01775 zipcode. So if you're looking for a good dual tap kegerator, this one is good! this dual gauge beer kagerator will regulate draft beer temperatures with perfect regulation of 2 degrees f. The kagerator has a modern look and feel that is perfect for a homebrewery. The beer cools slowly over time and is ready for drink. The kagerator has two sets of spout- like metal scales that will measure the temperature of your beer. The metal scales also have a digital readout to guide you to the temperature setting. The beer kagerator also has a built-in yeastifter and a bottom brite light.