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Guinness Draught Kegerator

Introducing the perfect addition to any guinness-themed beer hall: the draughtkegerator! This sleek and stylish kegerator is a great addition for your business and is sure to keep your customers happy.

Best Guinness Draught Kegerator

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Top 10 Guinness Draught Kegerator

This is a fine-quality draught beer tower and kegerator combo, both looking new. The build is from high-quality plastic, and the tray is also high-quality plastic. It is perfect for keeping draft beer on board, or for keeping on hand a large variety of drafts. The draft beer tube is large enough to carry large bottles while not having to carry weight. The draft beer tower and kegerator are both in perfect condition. the guinness draught kegerator is a great way to get your beer into your system before drinking it. This device prevents the traditional river of beer that would go into your mouth, and instead provides a guide to the strength of the beer that is tap hand handle. The bar marker is used to track the beer temperature as it is served, so you can control the beer form the get-in point for your drink. The kegerator can be used with or without a bottle bar kit, so you can have all the fun of a production beer kegerator, but at a fraction of the cost. this is a great addition to any beer tower or bar! The draught kegerator will keep you bessem close to your favorite drinks! this is a good looking draught kegerator that has a bar marker and tap handle. It is made of robust plastic and has a width of 3. 25 in. It is also well-made with a deep v-shaped well that allows the keg to be filled and emptied quickly. The draught keg can also be used for wine making by filling and filling his bottle with your favorite wine. This is a great addition to any homebrewer's shop or homebrewing colony.