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Kegerator Lines

This draftec deluxe kegerator cleaning kit has a pressurized hand pump, beer line cleaner, and draftec line cleaner. It is perfect for removing any left over beer, and keeping your lines looking fresh.

Cheap Kegerator Lines

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Best Kegerator Lines

This kegerator cleaning kit from kegco includes a hand pump, keg beer line cleaner, and a pressurized kegerator. It is perfect for when you need to clean the lines and components of your kegerator. draftec deluxe kegerator cleaning kit is a pressurized hand pump that helps clean lines in the draftec kegerator. The kit also includes a draftec deluxe beer line cleaner and akeemistikke draftec deluxe kegerator tool. The tool is able to remove any build-up of bacteria and bacteria particles from your draftec kegerator. this is a kegerator line 516 that is blue in color. It is about 200 mils in diameter and has a 516 inner diameter. The line is made from bevlex blue co2 air gas tubing. It is best for the use of a kegerator with a gas line that uses 100-mins of air per minute. this perfect if you are looking to add a newkegerator to your home and need some lines (5 or more) for draft beer. The 547c-60hh are perfect for that and are compatible with most kegerators. The 547c-60hh also have a built in filter and a quick disconnect for easy removal.