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Kegerator Tap Handles

The new kegerator tap handle offers a more sleek and stylish look. It has a modern minimalist design and is made of durable materials. This handle is perfect for your drink machines and makes for a more modern and sleek look in your drink room.

Kegerator Tap

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Beer Tap Handles For Kegerator

These beer tap handles are for the dale earnhardt kegerator. They are made of hard plastic and have a mental game for if you should put a beer in your kegerator, it will now say "goodwrench. " on one end is a small symbol of a beer while the other end has a logo for a kegerator. this is a lego bar kegerator that handles beer. It is a great addition to any bar orbrewing community. this custom kegerator tap handle is perfect for those special projects that need a unique and stylish handle. The tap handle is made of durable materials and will help make your party or business events stands or banquet areas. The tap handle is a great addition to anyiban kegerator and will make your drink experience even more special. this tap handle is for a usps mail truck that is now a beer kegerator. The handle is made of metal and plastic and has a knobs on it to adjust the pressure. The tap handle is also the only thing keeping the kegerator together.