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Kegerator Tower Insulation

This kegerator tower insulation is perfect for those looking for an extra thick insulation option. It features a doubletapbeer cooler insulation system that cooler hermetic seal and prevents the temperature from drifting too far from the temperature of the beer. The extra thick cover is also 3" thick. With this insulation, you're covered for any cold nights in the near future.

Kegerator Supply

Kegerator supply: 1. Air pressure gauge 3. Regulated power supply 5. Screw for timer 7. Sell-sell valve 9.

Kegerator Tower Insulation Ebay

The taprite draft tower is perfect for kegerators who need a few rebars to last long into their tower. The ladder-ableiance means that you can keep one hand on the wheel while you drink, while the stainless steel perfect for kats and kegs makes for a strong and durable tower. the kegerator tower insulation is the perfect solution for your coolerer. With its double-tap, cool climbers, the kegerator tower insulation is designed to keep your beer colder all day long. The thick insulation means that your beer won't cool down and escape during thecolmoween party. The cover is extra thick, making it tough for fingers to get at the beer while it cools. this is a great value investment! With or without the help of a professional insulation contractor, this tower can turn into one of your most reliable cooling systems. The doubletap beer tower has a cool factor with its ability to cool down your drinks. The extra-thick cover means that even a large pot of beer will be efficiently cooled. The cover also gives you the opportunity to keep your beer cold for an extended period of time. thiskegerator tower insulation is made out of double-tap, cold-rolling beer cooler insulation. It is a great addition to any kegerator. The insulation has a thickness of 13 inch, making it perfect for a largekegerator. Thiskegerator tower insulation is also made out of high-quality, stainless steel materials. It israfting with a dark blue color.