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Mini Fridge To Convert To Kegerator

The mini fridge is perfect for those who want to get their water line connection kit for their wd-101517ua series fridge up and running. With the help of this kit, you can easily convert your old fridge to a kegerator.

Top 10 Mini Fridge To Convert To Kegerator

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Mini Fridge To Convert To Kegerator Walmart

This water dropper kit for the wd-101517ua series fridge is perfect for waterheating or kefir making in the fridge. It comes with a water line connection kit and innards that are made of 304 stainless steel. The kit also includes a fridgelecture book that tells the story of the fridge and how it was used. the mini fridge can be converted to kegerator by adding the following components to the body of the fridge: a waterdrop water line connection kit for wd-101517ua series connected to the fridge byâ a water droplet. this water dropper kit will let you water down your drinking supplies to needing just a little bit more each and every day! It also has a fixing kit that lets you quickly add this mini fridge to your kegerator list of items to drink. This system improvement can help increase the water volume in the fridge and improve the cooling effect.