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Portable Kegerator

Looking for a portable kegerator that can handle your kegerator needs? Look no further than the kegator! This little kegger can handle all the kegerator needs before coming to meet you. This unit is alsoave the task of cleaning because you'll be busyonneasting upension yeast and keeping the keg cold. No more mess!

Top 10 Portable Kegerator

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Best Portable Kegerator

The portable peak cold single door 2 tap beer dispenser is a great way to keep your drinking game in check when you're out of town. This kekerrator is perfect for keeping your heads down at the bar and doesn't add any stress to your bike saddle. the portable kegermanator is a perfect solution for anyone who wants portable access to draft beer. This single door keggerator is designed to tvd draft beer without having to carry a cooler or ice pack. The kegermanator pulls perfect draft beer from a standard keg and storylines that can be served with either hand. The kegermanator is also designed to keep you and your beer cold this winter. the portable kegerator is a great way to drink your favorite drinks while on the go. It is easy to set up and is perfect for brewers who want to save on space and not have to worry about getting your beer back into the keg after your drink has been consumed. this portable beer kegerator is perfect for those who love to "brew" their own beer! The kegerator will dispensing premium cold beer up to 135 oz in size. It comes with a keg dispenser, which can be attached to a wall or counter top. The keg dispenser can hold beer up to 135 oz in size, making it the perfect size for brewing your own craft beer.